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Views about questions of  Existence

Besides the drive of the instincts, which human being have inherited from the animal kingdom, the formation of social organization and behaviour, and the way to live and connect to the rest of the living world, especially to the other humans, are results of the views which the human beings have formed about their own origin and their place in a wider context of the nature. Knowledge and information about the functioning of the biological and physical nature, which surround them, and the ways to manipulate and control the world according to one`s survival and consumption needs, have led to the transformation of moral values in the society and caused social evolution from primitive animal stage to the organization and behaviour of the modern man.

How we perceive the meaning of our existence in the context of the whole, and the knowledge and awareness, which we possess about the nature of the mind and spirit, with which we connect to the reality of life, decide the premises of social interactions and self-development. Thus all depend on the views  about oneself, the world and the spirit which the individuals inculcate. Societies crystallize around views promulgated by authorities who enjoy power to control and subjugate the mass. In today`s scientific age, the scientists and engineers in collaboration with the financial technocrats and business tycoons, hold the sceptre of power. They guide mankind to follow a social-political order which they find most advantageous regarding competitions with others. Democracy, the way it functions today, or dictatorship are different aspects of this power competition. The politicians in most societies act as stooges for a small group of people, who conduct the world affairs with their financial and military might. In countries where peoples`will may count in the political process, the democracy often boils down to emergence of primitive instincts which seek self-advantage and is stooped in personal greed.

Before introducing the ideas of an enlightened social-order, which keep the evolution of the higher-mind in focus, and seek to guide people from all nations, races and economic backgrounds towards a universal social-development, this page will first guide the readers to “enlightened views” about the most fundamental questions of our existence.

These views are summarized in the form of a dialogue between the man seeking enlightenment and the being who has achieved enlightenment. More details of these views can be found in the “Books of Existence” written by Anup Rej.

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